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The Role

Enertiv’s sales team is looking for the ultimate “social engineer,” hustler, and entrepreneur who thrives on challenging themselves and wants to leave their mark on this world. This is some who doesn’t just want to be better than others, but who wants to constantly be better than who they were yesterday.

As we continue to bring our Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and analytics platform to more portfolios across the nation, we are seeking out the right individual who can help us in our mission-critical efforts to grow our sales pipeline, and eventually help build out an unstoppable sales machine.



Over the next 6–12 months, this entails:

  • Getting our (and your) foot in the door at the executive level of multi-billion dollar real estate portfolios.
  • Building relationships with individuals in the real estate and engineering sectors who are networking nodes and can connect you to a larger network of potential clients, partners, and investors.
  • Structuring, maintaining, and building the internal sales mechanisms that enable a lean sales team to reach more people and build more relationships than any other sales team you could ever work for. That means becoming a technical sales hacker. No easy task!

Now, more specifically, and simplified to the greatest extent possible, what does this mean?

High volume and high intensity outbound sales campaigns (we are hunters, not fishers or farmers, and we seek only hunters). This means your fundamental job will be to book meetings with qualified real estate executives, which entails:

  • Emailing:Find the right words and short stories to convey a compelling message that will raise the eyebrow of the billionaire real estate owner you are trying to meet with (we’ve done it many times and so can you). This is no easy task and requires the presence of mind and an ability to apply behavioral psychological to the written word.
  • Cold Calling:Asking the right questions in a 2–4 minute timeframe to determine mutual compatibility and selling on our value as a technology provider to diagnose prospects’ pain, and convince them that we have what it takes to make that pain go away. A skill you can take with you everywhere you go in life.
  • Social Networking:Nothing beats building trust and relationships like meeting new people in person. one your networking skills while simultaneously building out Enertiv’s sales pipeline at real estate events in New York and across the country.
  • CRM and Process Management:You will learn everything there is to know about sales process management, lead generation, campaign building, and more. And you will be responsible for using automation to do more with less.

If you like to be in a state where you are constantly learning, look no further. Between our culture of constant improvement in our sales machine and mastering our product, you will learn everything there is to know about: sales, real estate, building engineering (aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering), energy & sustainability, advanced sensor tech, and most importantly…how to make the perfect cup of coffee (or tea).

We seek only the exceptional and those who themselves seek to be exceptional. You have a burning desire and constant striving for a vision of yourself that entails focusing on becoming a better version of who & what you were yesterday – and just as importantly – being better than those who seek to outdo you.

The fundamental definition of exceptional for this specific role for the first 6–12 months: Booking 5–10 meetings per week. If you are asking yourself “Is that all it really is?” we would respond with “ALL it really is?!” This metric is the leading metric that determines if you will be successful and wealthy in your career as a salesperson. This is the KPI that will give you a crystal ball into the future when you ask the crystal ball “Can I be the best of the best in the sales world?”

So. Calling all of those who want to leave their mark on the world. Join us as we lead the way.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to careers@enertiv.com

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