Mariusz Kowalewski

Quality-focused software specialist with over 10 years of experience, specializing in developing digital solutions for a real estate companies at global level. Skilled in all stages of the development cycle. Proficient in project management.

Julien Avezou

Why should you choose me?

1. I have a blend of managerial, commercial and technical skills (React & Ruby on Rails) due to my previous experiences. From launching an efficient commercial strategy for my previous startup to building project management application software for a company. This range allows me to think in flexible ways and from different viewpoints.

2. I have previous experience working in a traditional bank and a finance background stemming from my studies and interests. Working within a sector that I am passionate about will give me the drive to be successful.

3. I have first-hand entrepreneurial experience within the real estate sector having launched my own startup during a couple of years. This experience has been valuable to me. On the one hand, I have nurtured an agile and creative mindset, and on the other, I have built strong resilience from my failures and learned valuable lessons from them.

4. I am bilingual in French and English with comprehension skills in Italian and Spanish. Useful for communicating across the board.

5. I have many hobbies: scuba diving, poker, running etc. I have undertaken personal adventures on a large scale such as kayaking around Corsica in a month. These events have helped shape me as a person.

I look forward to connecting with you.