Ahmad Abu Sbeit

A Product Manager with 15 years of experience in IoT (Internet of Things), Smart Buildings, Smart Energy Metering, and Automation. Has the Passion, Business Acumen, and Technical knowledge to help you and your customers reach the next level in their Digital Journey.

Natasha Homer-Earley

VP of Product for Valvespace.com, connecting the flex workspace market for WeWork, CBRE, Industrious etc.
Product Advisor to Lettings Hub Group on referencing products ofr residential lettings.
Founder PetsScore.com, the world's 1st pet referencing platform, for the residential lettings market.

Matthew Taaffe

I'm an experienced product leader who's looking for a new opportunity in Proptech

Will Spurzem

I am a former architect with experience helping to build 3 companies; a YV backed Prefab Net-Zero Home Company, a small design firm, and AutoCamp Hotels as the design director.