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Full Stack Developer

Confidential Company

Boca Raton, United States
3-5 Years | 5-7 Years
Position type
Full time



The company was founded in 2019 by two successful real estate entrepreneurs who have also been active in cryptocurrency since 2013. They used their experience in both worlds to create RealT. With their global knowledge and experience in real estate and their successful investments in blockchain technology, they’ve developed a platform and a business model for tokenizing real estate investing on the blockchain. The company replaces paper deeds with digital tokens, a new asset ownership mechanism. This is an innovative approach to the world of DeFi, based on the Ethereum blockchain and EVM-based sidechains like Gnosis Chain.  The company is creating revolutionary liquidity, accessibility, and convenience in real estate investment!

The company is moving from being a start-up to being the authority in fractionalized real estate investing. Today, their team is growing quickly and spans the globe, and we’re looking to build our diverse pool of talent to take RealT to the next level.


A software developer with solid experience in front- and back-end development on modern JS frameworks, especially React and Node, who is also experienced in the older WordPress stack of PHP and MySQL.  As the company moves to modernize its systems, you will be part of a team working on a wide-ranging set of features bridging legacy systems with new technologies and approaches, and you will be expected to handle both front-end styling and interactivity as well as back-end logic and optimization.

The ideal candidate is a self-directed problem-solver who works well as part of a remote team, who doesn’t hesitate to engage with their peers, and who is enthusiastic for the possibilities of the platform.  


  • Strong ES6+ JavaScript
  • Strong functional React
  • Strong CSS (incl. Sass/Less as a preprocessor)
  • Mid-level Node.js 18, REST API development
  • Mid-level PHP 8
  • Mid-level MySQL
  • Comfortable with bash/ssh
  • Comfortable with WordPress plugin/theme development
  • Strong problem-solving ability
  • Fluent, clear English

Soft Skill Requirements

  • Strong self-directed goal-setting and accountability
  • Strong ability to work remotely, with a remote team, using Slack and Zoom
  • Strong, self-initiated communication skills
  • Positive, professional demeanour
  • Ability to work across multiple time zones and across languages
  • Ability to realistically estimate time to completion
  • Ability to deliver at a fast cadence
  • Enthusiasm for the revolutionary possibilities of blockchain technology!

Hard Skill Bonuses

  • UI/UX design/testing experience
  • GraphQL
  • Web3 (pref. Ethers.js)
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Next.js
  • AWS microservice deployment on EC2, Lambda, etc.

Other Bonuses

  • Ability to work on Central European Time
  • Fluent French

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