Envio Systems GMBH

Building Management Specialist

Envio Systems GMBH

Berlin, Germany
1-3 Years
Position type
Full time


The Company 

Building Management Systems Specialist (BMS Specialist)

Envio is a technology service provider for building automation and automated indoor agriculture. Our customers are some of the largest utilities, property portfolio managers, and public and government entities on Earth. As a BMS Specialist we are looking for you to be a subject matter expert in HVAC installations and BMS Controls.


The Role

We expect you to be able to identify, evaluate and simplify our current integration systems and processes. We look forward to your innovative solutions and cost effective initiatives that will reduce time, waste and support our objectives for operational excellence.

Our ideal candidate has the ability to quickly evaluate a variety of BMS Systems and protocols such as BacNet, Trend,Modbus, KNX, LonWorks and streamline the process of integration.



  • 5+ years’ experience as a Building Management Systems (BMS) and/or Integrations Engineer
  • Experience at startups and growth-stage tech companies
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Understanding DDC programming in BAS / HVAC Controls while having a solid Mechanical Systems background
  • Experience in programming and operating different BMS solutions
  • Understands programming patterns and equipment sequence of operations.
  • Speak fluent business English
  • Preferred Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant
  • Experience with IoT semantic frameworks (Brick and Haystack)



  • Lead and execute exploration and tagging of complex Building Management Systems
  • Troubleshoot and timely resolve complex BMS technical issues
  • Collaborate within the team (BMS Engineer and BMS/IT Specialist) and other internal and external stakeholders to continuously improve our value proposition
  • Create device templates
  • Assist Envio System’s sales teams with BMS requirements and feasibility analysis
  • Design BMS systems to automate and/or monitor the facility’s power, cooling/heating/ventilation and energy saving approach
  • Define and and execute on well defined processes to integrate projects
  • Coordinate with internal design leads and clients needs to obtain required information, discuss options, and develop solutions.
  • Assist project management with scheduling and scope development
  • Monitor progress against the program and issue progress reports.
  • Define strategy to support upcoming projects and production.
  • Assist with troubleshooting related to function and design of the system
  • Drive the design, specification, purchase, installation, commissioning, qualification and start-up of process equipment.

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