Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Nijverdal, Netherlands
10-15 Years
Position type
Full time


The Role

We are looking for a COO who brings sufficient baggage to set up and further develop international software organizations, preferably with experience and / or knowledge of a SaaS-enabled marketplace organization and who is addressed by our no-nonsense, self-driven organization approach, where people can develop and can and may take steps.

You are able to propagate and help shape our vision on the market, customers, partners and employees. You are a leader who demands and provides clarity, who knows how to get the best out of people and who advocates a structured, systematic and pragmatic approach. Your strength lies in growing an organization and at the same time laying the foundations and foundations for the medium term. This requires strategic vision, tactical insight, but also operational decisiveness.



You are ultimately responsible for the entire 12Build operation consisting of sales SaaS (main contractors), sales media (subcontractors), marketing, customer success & support (SaaS), service (media), data and last but not least development. You are able to initiate and further develop successful international partnerships and you are end-to-end responsible for concern-SAAS agreements

Together with the MT you set a strategic direction, you are able to develop and strengthen relationships as a discussion partner for customers and partners. Your role enables the entrepreneur to focus on the medium and longer-term and to develop new concepts and ideas.

You ensure the realization and management of international growth as expressed in the strategic ambition of 12Build and you ensure the team and the organization realize this, in terms of people, processes and systems. For this, you build clear processes and systems on the basis of which the teams organize and carry out their activities. You are responsible for your employees and you are not only responsible, but you also feel responsible for developing employees and teams in a talent-driven organization where personal growth and team development are key.
What do you bring for this?

You are an inspiring leader, who combines thinking & doing and which radiates into practice, convincing, challenging, focused on results. At the same time people-oriented, serving and warm. By the way, you are above all yourself in all circumstances and situations. Difficult and complex problems are part of your work for you and you solve them, you are happy with employees who go the extra mile and are customer-oriented. By setting clear goals, you realize for yourself and your colleagues that 12Build will be the quotation platform in Europe.



  • At least 10 years of relevant work experience, preferably in an international SAAS software or professional IT services environment;
  • Experience in recruiting, retaining and developing young talent and highly educated employees;
  • Proven experience in maintaining and further developing customer relationships and strategic partner relationships;
  • You have a passion for b2b SaaS (marketplaces);
  • You know how to demonstrate the above with several examples and references.
  • WO working and thinking level



In addition to a competitive salary, lease car and other fringe benefits, the position offers an opportunity to work in a fantastic and enthusiastic team with a well-developed, strategic contribution to the growth ambitions of 12Build.


Culture and approach

At 12Build we are proud of our distinctive approach. We describe in this handbook what we stand for, how we adapt things and what we do exactly.

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