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Our Expertise

Recruitment Services

Our recruitment services go beyond the conventional, we are specialised in bridging the gap between dynamic companies and visionary talent driving the industry forward. What sets us apart is not just our extensive database of candidates but our approach to matchmaking.

We do not just connect skills to roles, we ensure a symbiotic fit where individuals not only fulfill job specifications, but also embrace and enhance your company culture. This precision in talent placement is powered by our deep market knowledge, enriched by ongoing research and engagement with the latest trends in the sector.

Areas of Coverage:

  • Technical Innovation: Technology, Software, Engineering
  • Strategic Growth: Sales, Marketing, Product Management
  • Operational Excellence: Real Estate Management, Sustainability, Data, Finance, Operations
  • Organizational Integrity: Recruitment, Human Resources, Legal

With Proptech Jobs, companies gain more than candidates, they gain allies in their growth journey.

Organisational Strategy

Each organisation has a unique culture and strategy. Defining and implementing a successful operating model enables organisations to drive business success, ensure growth, scalability and long-term value. Whether you are an established business or a new company we will provide bespoke solutions to structure your organisation. We also provide market mapping for organisations seeking a greater understanding of the players and talent pool. This service is useful when considering entering new markets in order to gain a deeper understanding of the industry landscape.

Networking Services

Whether you are a proptech company, a real estate firm, or an investor, we can facilitate introductions to help you find the ideal business partners.

We offer assistance to:

  • Real Estate companies interested in finding the right Proptech solutions.
  • Tech companies interested in targeting new real estate clients.
  • Investors looking to identify proptech companies seeking new sources of capital to ensure their growth.

Our Clients

We work with key players shaping the future of property technology:

Proptech Companies

Real Estate Companies

Venture Capitalists

At Proptech Jobs, we transcend traditional job boards by harmonizing expert human insight with cutting-edge technology. This dual approach ensures we not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations in the dynamic Proptech and Real Estate sectors.

Human Expertise: Our Personal Touch

Our niche specialization in Proptech and Real Estate empowers us to continuously source and vet exceptional talent perfectly aligned with your specific needs. Our dedicated team of specialists leverages deep industry knowledge to identify candidates who not only possess the right skills but also fit your company culture, ensuring a seamless integration into your team.

Innovative Technology: The Proptech Jobs Platform

Our platform redefines the recruitment experience. Proptech Jobs stands out as a global job marketplace that enables companies to showcase their unique business activities and culture, attracting top players of the industry. Through our intuitive platform, we facilitate a deeper connection between companies and potential candidates, ensuring transparency and alignment from the outset.

Embrace the Future of Recruitment

Our consultants are at the heart of our operations, continually sourcing new and promising talents to fit the unique requirements of our clients. With Proptech Jobs, you are not just hiring a consultant, you are gaining a partner who’s committed to your success in the ever-evolving landscape of property technology.

Discover how our unique blend of human expertise and innovative technology can elevate your talent acquisition strategy.

Meet Our Expert Team

At Proptech Jobs, our strength lies in our people.

With a multilingual and multifaceted team, we bring a wealth of expertise in Proptech, Real Estate, Finance, and the latest technological advancements.

Our in-depth understanding of current trends and market dynamics positions us uniquely to serve your recruitment and strategic needs in the Proptech and Real Estate sectors.

We work with key players shaping the future of property technology:

Proptech Companies
Real Estate Companies
Venture Capital Firms